Are there additional costs?

The price contains free maintenance for one year, you may pay maintenance fee at the second year, but you don’t have to. Means if you do not want us service and major upgrade, you can stop to pay to us while you continuing using the product.

Support Included?

We provide online support including but not limited to EMail, online chat, remote assistance and voice mail etc.

How to pay for the product

For the Business and Enterprise version, you may build online order and pay it online, after paid, you will receive license keys after a few hours.

For higher version, you may contact our sale or your local reseller to ask a way to pay it.

We accept online payment methods include Credit Card, PayPal, Wire Transfer an so on.

What about Refunds?

We do not accept refund except it is irreparable problem, we provide trial version, with which you can prove its working in your environment before to buy.

Please see Refund Policy for more information.

Why it use 100% of my CPU core?

The product will use one or more cpu core to run it in polling mode which will use 100% of its utilization, please do not think it is an issue.

Each Server Pool will use one dedicate CPU core. If you want to use it in virtual machine, the virtual machine must have two or more CPU cores.

Can I get discount?

If you are non-profits organizations like schools, we can provide discount for you, please contact our sale before you place an order.

How to change license type?

For example, if you have a Business license, then you want to upgrade to Enterprise license, please contact our sales team, it is flexible to upgrade your license without server stop. The upgrade fee will be a little more than Enterprise – Business fee.

Can I change hardware that I have installed the product license

If you don’t change main part of the hardware like CPU, Boot Disk, and NiCs, the license will keep available  on your machine, otherwise you can use the existing license to install (activating) again.

If you want to change whole machine, you can just remove the exiting license and then install the license on to another machine. Just do not long time run the license on two or more machine at the same time is no problem.

How to install the product?

Install the product is very easy, you can run installer in the product package, which will take you only one minute, please refer to the guide of the product page.

How to stop using the product?

You can freely use it and reuse in future, like described in the above entry, we can’t give you refund just in case of stop using. But you can stop to pay us maintenance, and you may take up using it in any future days.