NVMStack is software defined storage (SDS) solution that creates a full user mode, software only file system over multiple NVMes, that enables user to use local NVMe, remote NVMe-oF volume, and SDS logical volume through file system interface.

The NVMStack User Mode File System are based on NVMStack kernel-bypass, zero-lock stack, that deliveries  a low cost redundant solutions on local NVMe devices.

Except NVMe devices, the NVMStack User Mode File System also support traditional storage devices like SATA/SAS SSD/HDD.

NVMStack have designed advanced software technology to leverage productive work with NVMe that enables to utilize up to 95% of hardware performance capabilities in file system level solutions. Such results comes from high I/O handling parallelization and lockless data-path.

This technology is embodied in NVMStack software, the User Mode File System technology delivers the following features:

1.Complete user mode polling mode, zero-lock, zero-context-switch, zero-copy

2.Exporting logical volume, local NVMe, remote NVMe-oF volume over standard file system interface

3. Access file system data at hardware performance.