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Who we are

We are dedicated team who devoting to research and develop high performance optimized storage stack.

We are great at what we do

We are dedicated team who forcing on high performance optimized storage stack.  Our team is working on storage period for 20 years, including: Software Defined Storage, IP SAN (iSCSI /iSER SAN, RDMA, FC etc), storage protocol include iSCSI, iSER (iSCSI over RDMA) and NVMe over Fabric (NVMe-oF).

Our specialization

Product and Solutions
Product Sales and Support
Product Customized Serivce
Other Coding Work

Core Services

  • Product Sales

    We are primary developing and sale our own product, the high performance optimized software defined storage NVMStack. The software defined storage with kernel by pass powered. We have done work in storage period for over ten years, all our services are around this period.

  • Product Support

    We provide unlimited online technical support for all our customers.

  • Customized Design

    We provide customized design service for special customer, this normally need a volume.

  • Coding

    We offer coding service only on storage period.

  • Marketing

    We can corporate with each other on market, and packaged with tried-party to accomplish user’s demands.

About our R&D team

20 years of experience in storage product architecture design and development, excellent experience in storage related protocol including RDMA, NVMe-oF and iSCSI/iSER.

Charles KeilmodCTO

16 years experience in software define storage design and development,  especially OSD, snapshot etc.

Steve WeatherfordEngineer

Performance optimization,  excellent experience in Linux I/O, storage architecture, like: numa, huge page, tlb, kernel by pass.

Johnson LuEngineer

Rich experience in web development, node.js, html5, jquiry, ajax etc.

Leon OldEngineer