Why you should choose


NVMStack Software

Highly performance optimized SDS solution

The NVM Software Storage Stack

Manage all disks and make them as pooled with the ability to create arbitrary, dynamic block volumes that can be utilized by any clients. These volumes are allowed to create unlimited and zero-copy snapshots. Storage Stack provides ways for building data in redundancy and scale-up, performance scaled by adding more devices.  All Volumes can be exposed via iSCSI, iSER and NVMF

What is NVMStack product?

  • Software Defined Storage product.
  • Single node storage and multiple nodes HA software.
  • iSCSI target software.
  • iSER (iSCSI over RDMA) software.
  • NVMe over Fabric (NVMe-oF) target software.
  • High Availability storage server software.

Key Features

  • Rich Protocols

    Provide multiple poplar interfaces in the storage world:

    iSCSI, iSER and NVMe-oF

  • High Performance

    Highly optimized storage stack with completely own advanced scheduler for getting high performance concurrent I/Os

  • Software Define Storage

    Manage disks to be pooled (dynamic block),  directly attached or RAID level management, and export logical volumes to business server through iSCSI, iSER and NVMF.

  • High Availibilty

    Providing high availability solution over iSCSI, iSER and NVMF, never down (99.999%) reliability storage service for business servers.

  • WEB Management

    Provide easy-to-install package and WEB based centralized management for multiple servers, set up a SDS storage server in few minutes.

    See full feature list


This product is deigned as software only and easy-to-use, any administrator can refer to the following steps to make a try:

  • Request a DEMO from us.
  • Download from the given link.
  • Unzip and run installer.
  • Launch any WEB browser to open the url: http://server_ip/
    default credentials are:

Software requires:

  • Linux with kernel >= 2.4
  • x64 based system.
  • Network Connections: InfiniBand, RoCE, iWarp or Ethernet.

Hardware requires:

  • Intel Xeon class processor or similar.
  • 2 cores and more.
  • 8 GB of RAM.
  • At least one additional disk for storage.

Recommend Configuration (All Flash):

  • Intel Xeon 2680 v4 2.4GHZ x 2, 28 cores in total.
  • 64 GB DDR4 memory.
  • NVMe Disks x 8
  • CentOS 7.2, with 3.10 kernel.
  • InfiniBand Network.
Release Notes

Release Version: NVMStack 2019 V1, Release Date: 12/03/2018

Release Feature:

  • Storage Network: iSCSI, iSER and NVMe over Fabric
  • Server Pool: Polling Mode
  • Storage Pool: Software Defined Storage Pool and RAID Pool
  • Snapshots: Unlimited and Zero-Copies Snapshots
  • Replication: High Availability and Replication over RDMA or TCP
  • Web Management: Manage multiple servers in one platform