Install NVMStack

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Install NVMStack Software Defined Storage is very easy, after you request the NVMStack install package from us, you may follow the steps to install it.

1. Preparing environment:

Configure firewall to allow the follow ports:
TCP 3260 and TCP 3261

or stop it in testing mode:
service firewalld stop

Install depended packages, we need some packages to be installed like libibverbs:

yum install -y librdmacm
yum install -y libibverbs

In Debian series system, run:
apt-get install -y librdmacm
apt-get install -y libibverbs

2. Enter the path of the install package:
cd nvmstack
3. Run the installer:

4. Waiting for finish, it will take in less than 1 minute:
Installing nvmstackd...
**********************setup nvmstack************************
Copying files...
Installing WEB management platform...
Setting up service...
Starting service...
Starting nvmstackd (via systemctl): [ OK ]

5. Launch WEB management platform:

Launch any Internet Browser and navigate to the URL:
Default credentials are: